Corporate Profile

Castle Biosciences is a skin cancer diagnostics company focused on providing physicians and patients with personalized, clinically actionable genomic information enabling more accurate treatment plan decisions. From its formation in 2008, Castle Biosciences has applied emerging artificial intelligence techniques in molecular diagnostics to improve patient care and outcomes.

Our DecisionDx family of molecular diagnostic tests have the ability to meaningfully impact how cancers are diagnosed and managed. DecisionDx-Melanoma predicts risk of recurrence or metastasis, including the risk of sentinel lymph node positivity, for patients with invasive cutaneous melanoma, a deadly skin cancer. DecisionDx-SCC predicts metastatic risk for patients with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma who have one or more risk factors. DecisionDx-UM predicts risk of metastasis for patients with uveal melanoma, a rare eye cancer. We have ongoing development programs in other underserved dermatologic cancers. Castle Biosciences is based in Friendswood, Texas and has laboratory operations in Phoenix, Arizona.