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Castle Biosciences is a skin cancer diagnostics company focused on providing physicians and patients with personalized, clinically actionable genomic information enabling more accurate treatment plan decisions. From its formation in 2008, Castle Biosciences has applied emerging artificial intelligence techniques in molecular diagnostics to improve patient care and outcomes.

Our DecisionDx tests provide personalized, clinically actionable information to help healthcare providers and patients make more informed decisions about their treatment plans. Our test for invasive cutaneous melanoma, DecisionDx®-Melanoma, is a proprietary gene expression profile, or GEP, test that more accurately predicts a patient’s risk of metastasis or recurrence as well as sentinel lymph node positivity. DecisionDx®-SCC is our GEP test that predicts the risk of metastasis for patients with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma who have one or more risk factors. DecisionDx®-UM, the standard of care in uveal melanoma staging, is our GEP test that predicts the risk of metastasis for patients with uveal melanoma, a rare eye cancer. Our newest proprietary gene expression profile test, DecisionDx® DiffDx™-Melanoma is designed to provide a highly accurate, objective result to aid dermatopathologists and dermatologists in characterizing suspicious pigmented lesions.

We entered 2020 with a U.S. total addressable market (TAM) of $540 million. Following the successful validation and commercial launch of our two pipeline tests, DecisionDx-SCC and DecisionDx DiffDx-Melanoma, we exited 2020 with an estimated in-market U.S. TAM of $2.0 billion. We have initiated additional research and development programs for tests in other dermatologic diseases with high clinical need which, if successful, will add additional, significant U.S. TAM.

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